Camélys, the Android application for smartphone

CAMÉLYS is your car driving coach. Take on board the mobile Android application on your smartphone and reduce your fuel consumption, inform your relatives of your GPS position, analyze your driving style through statistics …
Discover all the features of the best eco-driving mobile application of the market.

Main menu

The main menu allows to select the different functions of the application:

  • To select a destination
  • To input the data of a full tank
  • To visualise the basic statistics
  • To set-up the Camélys application
  • To see general information about the application
  • To warn a relative in case of breakdown of your car

Driving mode

Over 10 km/h (6.2 mph), Camélys switches to the driving mode screen and provides real-time information:

  • The eco-driving (score) of the trip
  • Your driving style via 3 real-time smiley (breaking, acceleration and speed)
  • The total cots of the trip (in euros)
  • The gains or the losses
  • 1 button to indicate the end of the trip (red icon STOP)

In advanced driving mode screen (upper right-end side button), following functions are displayed:

  • The estimated arrival time
  • The current speed
  • The trip parameters button (upper central button)

Fuel consumption input

Few seconds and you will know the actual fuel consumption of your vehicle!!!

The application invites you to input:

  • The mileage indicated by your mileometer (car counter)
  • The number of litres (gallons in UK and US) of fuel
  • The price that you paid (in your local currency)

Pay attention: the fuel consumption is calculated at the 2nd full tank!


Statistics menu

The statistics menu includes 4 topics:

  • The performance of your individual trips
    • Date
    • Distance
    • Cost
    • Eco-driving rate (trip score)
  • The professional mileage realised with your vehicle (useful in case your professional mileage is refunded by your company or for the annual income taxes)
  • The follow-up of your vehicle consumption
  • The mileage performed with a trailer, a van or a caravan (useful to follow its maintenance)

An overall synthesis of trips is available. This synthesis includes much more topics. A must-see!

Trip parameters

This menu allows to set specific parameters just before starting driving:

  • Number of people inside the vehicle
  • SMS sending frequency (with geolocalisation)
  • Professional trip
  • Trailer

Through this function, you can easily and automatically inform your relative, where you are while driving: easy and powerful!

This function has a short-cut in the advanced driving mode screen (upper central button).


Camélys settings

This function allows the settings of Camélys application on the following points:

  • Driver information (age, gender, email, year of getting your driving license)
  • Fuel type of your vehicle
  • Relative you need to send a SMS in case of breakdown of your vehicle
  • The background colour of the application

Pro mileage

Screen of professional mileage statistics.

The information provided for each trip on a list are:

  • The date of the trip
  • The mileage
  • The eco-driving rate

A second screen (tab) indicates the mileage realised:

  • Per day
  • Per week
  • Per month

Evaluation version

Apikod presents also a free of charge full version limited to 15 days from the validation date of the application.

After the 15 days, the application runs into a basic mode (trip score only).


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