Camélys, the Android application for smartphone

CAMÉLYS is your car driving coach. Take on board the mobile Android application on your smartphone and reduce your fuel consumption, inform your relatives of your GPS position, analyze your driving style through statistics …
Discover all the features of the best eco-driving mobile application of the market.

Icon eco-driving trip

Driving style in real-time

The trip score indicates your driving style and must be the highest possible

Green circle: I am eco-driving, important savings
Yellow circle: beginning of savings
Orange circle: drive to improve, still no savings
Red circle: not economical driving

Icon trip savings


Savings are related to your driving style

The closer to 100% your trip score, the higher your savings.
If your score is orange or red, you over consume fuel. The Euro value becomes negative to indicate this over consumption.

92% With a trip score of 92%, the savings induced by your driving reimburse the application purchase every 1000 km in average.

Icon trip cost

Trip cost

This cost is related to your driving style.

The closer to 100% your trip score, the cheaper your trip cost.
This cost includes: fuel expenses, wear and maintenance parts. (average cost of usage in France)

a real-time coach

Camélys informs you thanks to smileys (red, orange, yellow or green) on your driving efficiency for each of the following factors: braking, acceleration, speed.

Not adapted driving smiley
Not adapted
Slightly adapted driving smiley
Slightly adapted
Correct driving smiley Correct
Very good driving smiley Very good

Young woman showing her driving statistics

Analyse and share your results

Find your the data recorded during your trips being connected under your
You can see the progress linked to your driving style.
Compare your data to the ones from the whole users of the Camélys application.
Challenge your friends to get the best scores.
Share your data on your social networks.


Download Camélys

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Android application full version

Full version

Follow your progressions under your account
Compare your results to the ones of your friends and to the community
Calculate your cost reductions


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For whom?

For all drivers

All drivers We are all eco-responsible vis-à-vis of our planet; with savings as a bonus!
Why to hesitate?

For young drivers

Young driver The driving learning is a long process with quite a lot of tricky situations.
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For fleet vehicles managers

Fleet of vehicles The fuel reduction of your fleet is a major concern.
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