How French people drive ?

By admin the 13 May 2014 in News
How French people drive ?

Discover how the French people drive

Here are the first statistics based on trips performed by the members of the Camélys community in France.
These data are sent from the Camélys application at the end of the trip.
To obtain these information, the data option from the smartphones must be activated and particularly for the road types.
In no way, Camélys will modify these data.

The first report treats the following points:

  • The average consumption of vehicles
  • The average speed of trips
  • The average eco-driving rate
  • The types of road used
  • The importance of the short trips

The calculation takes into account the impact of trips distances.
For example to calculate the average speed of whole trips, a trip with an high average speed (let say 120km/h) but realised on a short distance (let say 3 kms) will not impact the average speed of the community due to his short trip.

For more information, download the file

Good reading and have a good trip with Camélys!

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