Eco-driving and roundabout: how does it work?

By admin the 30 Mar 2014 in News
Eco-driving and roundabout: how does it work?

Eco-driving and roundabout: how does it work?
The concept is the driving anticipation: no more no less. The target is to drive through the roundabout without any stop of your vehicle in order to minimize the fuel consumption.

The example provided here works when driving on the side right side of the road. In case your are driving on the left side of the road, please invert words left and right.

What you have to do when arriving few hundreds before the roundabout is to look as far as possible to the road coming from your left. In case a vehicle is also driving towards the same roundabout, you have to evaluate the best timing to avoid entering in the roundabout and having to stop due to the vehicle coming from your left.
So what you have to consider to do is either maintaining the same speed or gently slowing-down. Avoid any acceleration, this is not eco-driving and may be risky.

With the right timing, you can then safely enter the roundabout and drive through without any stop:

  • Safer driving
  • Clever eco-driving
  • Reduce breaks wearing
  • Faster driving

So many advantages, that’s amazing!

In the case of a vehicle in the roundabout, try to slow-down few tens of meters before and arrive very gently in the roundabout. Doing so, you may have a chance to pass behind the vehicle without any stop.

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