Camélys new driving interface

By Georges BUSTOS the 1 Aug 2014 in News
Camélys new driving interface

Camélys now includes a new driving interface for a better driver comfort.

More visual, this driving interface has been redesigned in order to bring:

  • New features like the cost of the trip and the savings in accordance with you eco-driving style
  • Real-time indication of your driving style based on:
    • Your breaking’s
    • Your accelerations
    • Your speed

With this new interface, the driver knows at any time what he shall do to save moneys while drive his car.

The costs and savings of each trip are also automatically sent to your account ( and can be reported when extracting your data on Excel.

The driving interface includes now 2 display modes:

  • Simple display
  • Advanced display that shows more data like your current speed and your arrival time (if your have preselected a destination)

You can switch from one display mode to the other one by clicking the upper right end-side button  driving-interface-mode-button .

In the advanced display mode, you have access to the trip parameters button Button to set next trip parameters for sending automatically your position to your contact during your trip for example.

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