Camélys, a vision, a concept

Camélys, a vision, a concept

Drawing showing the concept of data flow of Camélys applicationThe driver downloads the application on its Android smartphone.

He installs it vertically on the windscreen of his vehicle (1). During the trip, at every second the application informs the driver in his driving style (eco-driving and safety). At the end of each trip, data are sent and stored in a database (3) managed by Camélys via the telephone network (2) which must have the data transmission option. A few moment after receiving data on the servers, processing is performed to restore the data in a simple manner. The driver can then follow from a computer (4), a tablet (5) or from a smartphone (6) the many available statistics and in particular eco-driving rates.

How Camélys reduces your transport costs

Piggy bank with money to show the savings linked to a economical driving styleEco-driving generates a smoother driving, by anticipation, with less stopping and starting (Stop & Go). All this reduces your fuel consumption. Less fuel means less money spent, but not only. There are other positive effects such as tyres or engine parts that wear out less quickly, so less expense.
Everyone agrees to put forward an average reduction of 10%, only for your fuel consumption, so potentially a gain of at least 100 € per year.
The application is then paid back in less than two months.
This is the visible part but hidden gains are even more important but unfortunately much more difficult to measure yet.

How Camélys improves the safety of property and people

Car under an umbrella meaning that eco-driving protects the vehicle and its passengers Eco-driving requires anticipation, i.e. reading the road as far ahead as possible to allow maximum use of engine braking (instead of the brakes actuated by the driver). This reduces fuel consumption by taking advantage of the inertia of the vehicle. Let’s take a practical example like a roundabout. When looking as far as possible vehicles approaching a roundabout from the left (or the from the right in some countries), we can slow down early and enter the roundabout in our turn without stopping. Simple and effective.

Anticipation generates safety distances much greater than what is seen in practice. Safety distances is what is missing in most accidents.
Eco-driving induced safety!

How Camélys participates to the environment

How Apikod participates to the environmentEco-driving generates a smoother driving, by anticipation, with less stopping and starting (Stop & Go). All this reduces the fuel consumption. Less fuel, it is less CO2 emitted by your vehicle and less CO2, it is less greenhouse gas effect, therefore better for the environment and particularly for the climatic change.

Eco-driving is a gesture for the environment!

How Camélys runs the latest technologies

How Apikod capitalizes on the latests technologiesWith the latest technologies, we can create mobile applications that run on smartphones or tablets sold by hundreds of millions per year. They can be accessed by almost anyone. Marge-scale deployment of applications is now possible.
Very large amounts of data are easily transported to our databases which are located in France to offer the best possible level of security for your data (CNIL). Dedicated software processes these data with great flexibility and performance.
Finally Camélys application relies on very secure and efficient queries via Google services.
Via Camélys application, we offers the best possible experience.

The concepts



Our Android app!

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For whom?

For all drivers

All drivers We are all eco-responsible vis-à-vis of our planet; with savings as a bonus!
Why to hesitate?

For young drivers

Young driver The driving learning is a long process with quite a lot of tricky situations.
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For fleet vehicles managers

Fleet of vehicles The fuel reduction of your fleet is a major concern.
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