Apikod website launching in English version

By admin the 10 Mar 2014 in News
Apikod website launching in English version

Here we are!

Hello, I am John.
I am the Apikod mascot and I will be visible in all important communications of the company.

My first mission (of an extreme importance) is to announce that, after a lot of hard work, the Apikod website is officially released.

The team is proud of the work that has been performed. Everything is not yet perfect but the results are already matching our expectations.
Now it’s up to you, prospects and future clients to decide of the quality of our website content.

As you will notice, Apikod will not only communicate through the website
We have placed on-line the following social networks:

The time will come where you will also follow us on Twitter.

We have placed on-line our channel of videos under YouTube at the address https://www.youtube.com/user/ApikodUK.

Regarding our commercial offer, the first version of our application so-called Camélys, is available on Google Play and the next version is already under development.

We plan to release a Camélys version for Apple (IOS) smartphones in 2014.

Do not hesitate to subscribe to our newsletter and to follow us on our social networks to experience our wonderful adventure, that we all hope, will please you.

See you soon!

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